1. Surrogacy Agencies and What Babies Need

    You would think that creating a list of things you need for your baby would be a relatively easy task. You skip all of the necessary things you see at the store and only list the must-haves like diapers, formula and clothes and you pretty much have it covered. Or at least you hope so. But what happe…Read More

  2. The Benefits of Becoming A Surrogate

    The Benefits of Becoming a Surrogate

    There are several components that go into making a miracle. And just like when a fireman rushes into a burning house to save the victim, a surrogate mother sees the crisis an infertile couple and goes in for the save. Women who choose to be surrogate mothers have probably thought about it for quite …Read More

  3. Surrogacy Agencies And Baby’s First Year

    Surrogacy Agencies and Baby’s First Year

    It's only after you struggle through the first year you have your baby when you wish someone had told you how the first year would be. There are a lot of things that you will learn in the first year of being a parent. Now, ignorance is bliss, but you will want a heads up on a few things to be sure. …Read More

  4. Surrogate Pregnancy Service And Building Relationships

    Surrogate Pregnancy Service and Building Relationships

    When intended parents are exploring the possibility of surrogacy, there are many questions that will be asked. A lot of the questions will have to do with the relationship between the parents and the surrogate. To be sure, you will want to build a strong and healthy relationship with the surrogate, …Read More

  5. Surrogacy Agencies And Surrogacy Questions

    Surrogacy Agencies and Surrogacy Questions

    Many same-sex couples are eager to start expanding their family. One option for members of the LGBT community is surrogacy. And since perception of family has become more inclusive, gay and lesbian surrogacy has become increasingly common. Still, for gay communities all across the country, it can be…Read More

  6. Surrogate Pregnancy and Parenting Tips

    The time and effort of caring for a baby and sleep deprivation will test the limits of new parents. Having a new baby is a challenge and it will take a toll. But you can't forget that in addition to caring for your little bundle of joy, you must also take care of yourself. Above and Beyond Surrogacy…Read More

  7. Reasons to Utilize a Surrogacy Agency

    For some people, having a baby isn't as easy as getting an egg fertilized. A surrogacy agency, like Above and Beyond Surrogacy, is a great option for those who want to have a baby despite having reproductive challenges. This isn't something new or groundbreaking, about 35,000 children have been born…Read More