1. Questions A Surrogate Mother Might Want To Ask Intended Parents

    If you’re considering becoming a surrogate mother, you might wonder how the process of picking the intended parents works. After all, choosing to be a surrogate is a life-changing process and it’s important for both parties to be on the same page and ultimately have a great relationship. At Abov…Read More

  2. Surrogacy or Adoption: Which Should You Choose?

    Making the decision to become a parent can be one of the most exciting and rewarding choices a person will ever make. For many, having a child of their own is a joyful experience that happens without complications. But for others, it’s not so easy. There are many reasons why you might be consideri…Read More

  3. Surrogate Pregnancy Service And Building Relationships

    Surrogate Pregnancy Service and Building Relationships

    When intended parents are exploring the possibility of surrogacy, there are many questions that will be asked. A lot of the questions will have to do with the relationship between the parents and the surrogate. To be sure, you will want to build a strong and healthy relationship with the surrogate, …Read More

  4. Surrogate Pregnancy and Parenting Tips

    The time and effort of caring for a baby and sleep deprivation will test the limits of new parents. Having a new baby is a challenge and it will take a toll. But you can't forget that in addition to caring for your little bundle of joy, you must also take care of yourself. Above and Beyond Surrogacy…Read More