Surrogacy Agencies And Surrogacy Questions

Many same-sex couples are eager to start expanding their family. One option for members of the LGBT community is surrogacy. And since perception of family has become more inclusive, gay and lesbian surrogacy has become increasingly common.

Still, for gay communities all across the country, it can be challenging when it comes to building a family. If you are interested in becoming a mother or father, there are many questions to consider when planning for your journey to parenting. Above and Beyond Surrogacy agency offers common questions gay couples should ask themselves when starting surrogacy.

Prepare to Answer a Lot of Awkward Questions

Throughout the journey to motherhood or fatherhood, prepare yourself for some strange question that family and friends will ask you. As the news spreads about your surrogacy, you will be asked questions like, “Is the surrogate the baby’s mother?” and “Did you have sex with your surrogate?”

Handling these queries is no easy task as you need to be prepared to answer some pretty silly questions. You and your partner should be on the same page when it comes to how to respond to certain questions.

Realize You are Not in Control

You need to realize that at some point, you need to step back and let science take over. No matter how well you plan, nature and science have their own ideas about how things will transpire.

For example, a gay couple might have a detailed plan about how they want two children and each of them would be a bio dad. But if only one is able to do so, you have to accept it. It might not be the plan that was made, but it is how things turned out.

Long-Term Support and Care

It takes a village to raise a child. You have no doubt heard this before, and the saying is so true. The journey to fatherhood or motherhood requires a whole lot of planning. But this is just the beginning.

Once you have become a parent, the planning doesn’t stop. You need to have a plan in place in case you have to miss a lot of work because of a sick child or if something comes up and you have to leave town for a while on short notice. Emergencies are bound to pop up and you need a plan to get through.

Understand People and Their Roles

There are many moving parts when you choose surrogacy. There will be doctors involved as well as donors, carriers, lawyers and even the insurance company. Everybody has a job to do in order to make your dream of motherhood or fatherhood a reality. It helps tremendously when you choose the right surrogacy agency.

Reasons You Chose Surrogacy

If you were to acquire a child through adoption, you are giving a child the gift of a family. Your friends and family members will admire your decision and think the child is very lucky indeed.

When you choose surrogacy, you create a new child and bear the responsibility to raise a well-adjusted and happy child. And it is likely that people will ask you about your decision to choose surrogacy, so you had better have a pretty good answer.

If you are ready for the journey to parenthood, call Above and Beyond Surrogacy.