For some people, having a baby isn’t as easy as getting an egg fertilized. A surrogacy agency, like Above and Beyond Surrogacy, is a great option for those who want to have a baby despite having reproductive challenges. This isn’t something new or groundbreaking, about 35,000 children have been born through surrogacy. Even famous celebrities including Elton John, Tyra Banks and Lucy Liu have used surrogacy to have children.

There are many reasons why a couple or single man or woman might choose having a baby through a surrogate mother. Here are just a few.

Fear of Childbirth

All women who choose to have children feel a little anxiety about giving birth, this is quite understandable. There are so many unknowns when it comes to pregnancy that it will make people nervous. And while the actual labor is indeed a thrilling event, it can also be quite terrifying. Even moms who have given births multiple times still get anxiety.

However, some moms have a real phobia when it comes to pregnancy and giving birth and this can lead them to the decision not to become pregnant at all. But this doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want to have kids, they would just prefer if somebody else carried the baby so they can still experience motherhood.

Trauma From A Previous Pregnancy

Not all women have smooth pregnancies and deliveries that have a very happy ending. For some women, they have experienced extremely difficult pregnancies and births. And there are women who have suffered a premature baby or a stillbirth who are afraid of another devastating outcome.

These very real fears prevent them from having more children, so they seek the help of a surrogacy agency.

Infertility Problems

It is estimated there are over six million couples in the United States who suffer from infertility. The causes of infertility range from hormonal disorders to blocked fallopian tubes. For some couples, it

s the man who struggles with poor sperm health or a low sperm count that makes pregnancy a dream. Many couples suffer from an unexplained infertility.

LGBTQ Couples Want To Become Parents

Surrogacy is a wonderful option for gay couples who wish to raise a family. The practice of gay men using donated eggs and the services of a surrogate mother is gaining popularity and widespread acceptance. It is also validated by the medical community.

Adoption Isn’t Easy

Adoption is an option for couples who can’t conceive on their own. However, this option isn’t as easy as you might think. It’s not like you can just sit down on a laptop and order a child.

Adoption is also expensive and comes with its own form of heartbreak.

Genetic Struggles

Some couples struggle with genetic disorders that they don’t want to risk passing down to their children. This could be anything from muscular dystrophy to cystic fibrosis. For these couples, surrogacy is a great option.

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