Every woman has a different list of reasons to be a surrogate mother. But you will discover that there are many recurring themes within the reasons for becoming surrogate mothers.

There are tens of thousands of couples in the United States who cannot conceive. The fear and devastation that couples face when they realize their journey to parenthood may never happen are great. If you are a mother, you understand the joy that having a child can bring to your life and your family.

There are new opportunities that allow generous women to help other families build their dreams and start their own journey of having a child. Above and Beyond Surrogacy, your surrogacy agency, offers reasons to become a surrogate.

An Unforgettable Journey

While each surrogacy journey is different, they are all exciting and amazing. Surrogates agree that one of the most memorable and magical parts of surrogacy come when they see their intending parents hold their baby for the very first time.

The Joy of Pregnancy

Surrogacy works well for women who love being pregnant. Women who have had easy pregnancies with their own children often describe their experience as total bliss. So when a woman is done having children of her own, they can repeat the wonderful experience by becoming a surrogate.

Pay It Forward

There are many personal reasons for becoming a surrogate. But one of the main reasons is because they want to help someone else have a baby. Future parents may need a surrogate for any number of reasons including medical issues and sexual orientation. Whatever the reason, intending parents cannot have a baby without the help of a surrogate.

Since surrogacy agencies only consider women who have already been mothers, they are essentially paying forward their wonderful experiences.

Be a Part of Something Bigger

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself what you have given this world. This is a difficult question for many people because they struggle through their life wondering if they are making any sort of difference.

A surrogate knows she has done something important in her life and that she has changed lives.

Stay Home and Make Money

Compensation should not be ruled out as a reason to become a surrogate. If you have young children and want to earn some money while staying at home with them, becoming a surrogate is a perfect solution.

Being a surrogate means you can contribute to the household income while enjoying the ability to stay home with the kids.

Be a Hero

Children watch everything that their parents do. And while many children think of heroes as comic book characters or sports figures, children of surrogate mothers believe their mothers are heroes.

The parents of the baby she is carrying also think of their surrogate as a hero.

Role Model for Compassion

When you become a surrogate, you are showing incredible compassion for another family. Many surrogates love the fact that they show great compassion through their actions.

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