Maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy is very important.

During this period in your life, your body will need additional vitamins and nutrients for a healthy baby. A diet lacking all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients could negatively affect the development of the baby.

That said, you will also have some pretty weird food cravings, which is completely natural. And while you will eat your fair share of fruits, fish and vegetables, there will be times you crave something other than a kale salad.

There will also be times when you meet up with family and friends and local eateries. Know that you are not limited to a side salad and water when you go. Above and Beyond Surrogacy, your surrogate agency, offers you the best restaurant options during pregnancy.

Chinese Food

Chinese restaurants offer a plethora of pregnancy-friendly choices. That is, if you are wise about what you order.

Start off with a cup of wonton soup and an order of steamed vegetables. And then to give your baby a boost of nutrients, pick a chicken or tofu entree that includes a lot of vegetables. Ask the server if they could add bok choy to your dish as it is a good vegetable choice. Don’t forget to choose brown rice and request a soy sauce that is low in sodium.

Avoid egg drop soup as the eggs might not be fully cooked and Lo Mein is full of sodium.

Italian Food

Italian food is a favorite among pregnant women as it is delicious and healthy if you are making the right choices.

To start things off, get a salad. Make sure they add plenty of vegetables in with that. Next, move on to a pasta dish with seafood or chicken and a marinara sauce. Ravioli is fine as well, especially if it is stuffed with a vegetable.

You will want to avoid Alfredo sauce. It tastes heavenly, but is loaded with saturated fat.

Pizza is fine as long as you skip the pepperoni and opt for vegetables on the top instead.

Mexican Food

There are a lot of choices at your favorite Mexican restaurant. Your best bets are tacos or burritos filled with chicken, cheese, vegetables and topped with a mild sauce. A taco salad is another good choice.

You will want to avoid too much cheese and globs of sour cream and limit yourself to only a few salty chips.

American Food

While you might want the bacon cheeseburger and chocolate shake, you need to make better decisions when you are pregnant.

Start off with a side salad loaded with vegetables and a light dressing. Ranch is never good for you. A chicken or portabella mushroom sandwich is a good choice. A hamburger is fine if it is made with lean beef and you skip the cheese and bacon.

There are plenty of dishes to avoid at your favorite American restaurant including french fries, fried chicken, hot dogs and fried mozzarella sticks.

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