Statistics show that one in eight couples struggle with some form of infertility. There are several causes of infertility and doctors still struggle to get a better understanding of it and how to treat it. As science makes advances, we hear more and more about the very private subject of fertility.

It is quite common nowadays to hear about assisted reproductive technologies. Whether it is donated genetics or surrogacy, the world is talking about reproduction. But a lot of what you hear when it comes to surrogacy might not be true. There are a lot of myths out there.

Above and Beyond Surrogacy, your surrogacy agency, offers the myths of surrogacy.

Surrogacy is Risky

While it is true that all pregnancies carry some sort of risk, surrogacy pregnancies are no riskier. There is also often a concern that a surrogate will make poor choices and drink or smoke during pregnancy. But in general, surrogates have a greater sense of responsibility in taking care of the baby. Their wishes and hopes are a happy and healthy baby.

A happy and successful surrogacy is built on trust. Most surrogates have been pregnant before and are well-educated on the type of lifestyle to lead for a healthy and happy baby.

Surrogates are Only in it for the Money

The truth is that most surrogates are already financially stable, are professional and have well-paying jobs. Surrogates are compensated for their service, but most are interested in becoming a surrogate because all they want to do is help someone else out.

A reputable surrogacy agency will disqualify a potential surrogate who is only motivated by money.

There Will be Problems Bonding with the Baby

Too many parents feel that because they did not carry their child, it will be harder for it to bond with them. Many people believe that bonding begins when the child is in the womb, but the bonding process really begins when the baby is born.

After the surrogate gives birth, the baby is immediately handed over to you. This is when the bonding begins.

Surrogates Try to Keep the Baby

The horror stories you have probably heard about surrogates getting emotionally attached and changing their minds are just that, stories.
Prior to surrogacy, there is an in-depth screening to determine if the surrogate and their partner can maintain emotionally and physiologically. In addition, there is a very extensive and legally binding contract that is there to protect all parties involved.

Any Woman Can be a Surrogate

Not really. Less than 10 percent of women who apply to become a surrogate actually reach that goal. That’s right, less than 10 percent.

Surrogacy is Legal in All States

The short and sweet is that surrogacy laws vary state to state and you will need to research the laws in your state. It is also good to know that current surrogacy laws are ever changing with more and more states recognizing surrogacy.

If you have questions about surrogacy, don’t believe the myths and call Above and Beyond Surrogacy instead.