Babies need a lot of gear before you head out to run those errands. When you have a baby, your diaper bag becomes your home away from home as it is packed with everything you need. Hopefully.

The last thing you want to happen on your outing with baby is to reach into your diaper only to find that you forgot to pack something important. We aren’t talking about diapers or wipes, even rookie parents remember to pack that stuff. We are talking about packing items that you may not need every outing, but will certainly come in handy in certain situations.

When shopping for a diaper bag, find one that is big enough to carry what you need but not too big that it becomes a burden. And pick out one with lots of pockets and cute baby animals on it. Above and Beyond Surrogacy, your surrogacy agency, offers this handy diaper bag checklist.

Baby Wipes

Of course you are going to pack diapers and baby wipes in your diaper bag, that is all too obvious. Just make sure that you are packing plenty of baby wipes.

Baby wipes, as you will discover, come in handy for many tasks, not just wiping baby’s bum. By nature, babies are pretty messy and wipes will be needed to keep them clean. In addition to messing their diapers, babies also tend to barf a lot, drip snot and generally have no control over what drips down from their face. So pack plenty of wipes.

Extra Outfits

If you already have a baby, you know that every so often they suffer major diaper blowouts. For those of you who don’t know, a major blowout is a messy diaper that has breached the diaper. Which basically means the baby will have to wear a new outfit. So you had better have a spare or two handy.

Burp Rag

Even if your baby doesn’t spit up a whole lot, you still need several burp rags on hand. All it takes is one really juicy burp to ruin the day if you aren’t properly prepared.

Rash Relief

Whatever you are using to keep diaper rash under control, make sure you have a tube of it in your diaper bag. Diaper rash comes on quite quickly and you will want to be prepared.

Extra Blankets

That extra blanket you packed in the diaper bag will come in handy should baby spit up on the one you are now using. It will also come in handy should you need it to swaddle baby or use it as a cover to protect baby from the sun.

Plastic Bag

You can bet that everybody else around you can smell that dirty diaper unless it is wrapped in plastic. You will definitely need a seal-able plastic bag packed in your diaper bag.

First Aid Kit

Pack some adhesive bandages and antibiotic cream just in case baby or one of the parents gets a scrape or cut.

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